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On November 1-2, the provincial Commission by letter of organization of the garment industry ”three special action“ senior seminar held in Wuhan City, across the province by letter Commission and key garment enterprises on behalf of a total of more than 90 people attended the seminar, and Wuhan loveGod group conducted a field investigation and research.
The participants watched the Chinese Garment Association held ”2017 conference“, the Chinese clothing apparel industry ”three special action“ series of training teaching communication.
2 afternoon, the delegates also visited the Wuhan loveGod group - red T fashion creative blocks, loveGod group intelligent factory, fashion business district. During a visit to the research site, the provincial Commission by letter leaders and delegates have of Wuhan loveGod group in the business and create intelligent tribute to ”industry“ and ”advanced“ leading role, to provide a good ”loveGod scheme“ and ”strategic industries“.
In Wuhan loveGod group wisdom Museum held a forum. At the meeting, Huang Minhong, director of the light textile Office of the Provincial Committee of the Ministry of information, made a special report entitled ”the road of the transformation and upgrading of the Hubei garment industry“. Analysis of the situation: ease of stabilization, Naka Yujin, are difficult to see in joy, joy and sorrow; direction of advice: a clear positioning, adhere to the two orientation, based on the three judgment, improve the four strength, the implementation of the ”12348“ project. Finally, the provincial Commission by letter Huang, encouraged: anteriormo Chou no friends, everyone knows you in the world; Wuhan loveGod group executive vice president Yan said: the total peers are brothers, innovative wealth one family.
Delegates have said, will further implement the spirit of the party's nineteen, to the product oriented, technology driven, channel innovation, cultural empowerment, responsibility oriented, in the clothing industry and actively cultivate new growth points, the formation of new energy, promote industrial upgrading and development, to meet the requirements of modern economic system in the fashion industry, continue to meet people's increasing demand for a better life.
After the meeting, the leaders and representatives of interest to Wuhan loveGod fashion creative industry park commercial district, the commercial, shopping, in the laughter in the end of this investigation.