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Public entrepreneurship and innovation are the source of economic vitality and the way of transformation and upgrading. The fashion and creative industry is one of the core industries of ”Jianghan creation Valley“. Relying on the ”Jianghan Chong Valley“ construction, Jianghan District Economic Development Zone, the traditional garment enterprises of the old industrial buildings ”located in the bird“, help enterprises to upgrade.
In April this year, the province established the first batch of 14 provincial-level management demonstration base, loveGod group garment enterprises out from the Jianghan economic development zone was listed as the first batch of provincial-level demonstration base management of large enterprises.
The red T fashion creative block, which is rebuilt by the traditional old industrial plant, has become a new carrier for the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship. Red T creative fashion district projects, to 70 thousand square meters of the old plant gorgeous ”Metamorphosis“ became a collection of original designer fashion designer designer studio, education, brokerage, public record space, accelerator, DreamWorks and creating apartments, set designer stores as one of the Innovation Park, the park production, life and ecological fusion. Set up the internationalization stage for designers.
The ”net“ of traditional commercial buildings shines in the new generation
Ping On Mansion, 818, Zhongshan Road, Jianghan District, is 251 meters tall. It has gathered the ”happy platform“ gourmet shopping plaza, the new beauty fashion Plaza, the Wangfujing department store and the office building. It is the most famous building complex in Jianghan Road business circle.
In the commercial property change rapidly today, building management of Hubei Xi Pu environmental protection science and technology limited company timely adjustment of industrial layout, embrace the new wave hit. With hundreds of years' opportunities of Zhongshan Avenue open street, the buildings continue to increase investment in medical health, entertainment space, online shopping, tourism services and other formats.
The Internet shopping platform in the building is used to explore the organic combination of the Internet retail industry and the offline entity business. The introduction of Wuhan an friends fast diagnosis technology Co., Ltd., set up a leading level of early cancer screening platform in China. In July 2017, the building management partners and Suzhou Torch Innovation Incubation Management Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation intention: to promote the construction of the innovative small and Medium Business Incubator in Ping On Mansion, and jointly initiate the establishment of venture capital fund.
Also located in Zhongshan Avenue in the public park, also introduced the domestic famous Hugo multi-creation workshop space. The continuous development of traditional commercial buildings, Zhongshan Avenue is still a ”net“ shining new generation of the trend of the new generation.