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To implement the “opinions” Office of the provincial people's Government on the construction of provincial public entrepreneurship peoples innovation demonstration base of the spirit of the document, to accelerate the management of provincial demonstration base construction work, August 3, 2017, “gather industry innovation, promote industrial agglomeration -- and love double Timor group demonstration base will promote smoothly in the red t fashion creative blocks. The event held a ”work plan“ double demonstration base loveGod group society publication and promoting the project signing ceremony.
Zhang Zhiyong, the Deputy District of Jianghan District
Zhang Zhiyong, deputy head of Jianghan District, said at the conference that ”from clothing to fashion is an upgrade. From fashion to fashion, it is a gorgeous turn. It is a Phoenix Nirvana from the traditional clothing industry to the new fashion industry. Continuous innovation, leading the fashion, fully embodies our Wuhan “dare for the world first” spirit of innovation.“
Li Jize, director of the Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau
Promote the meeting, Wuhan science and Technology Secretary Li Jize announced the double base loveGod group won the provincial demonstration base. Wuhan LoveGod Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, is a traditional industry of private enterprises, and build the loveGod fashion industry park and red T fashion creative blocks two business park has accumulated a good foundation for management. Among them, loveGod fashion creative industry park, investment reached 780 million yuan, industrial base to build an upgraded version of the. It is understood that there will be 50 entrepreneurial enterprises, 100 innovative small and micro enterprises, 1000 high-end talents.
Red T fashion and creative blocks, including fashion alliance, designer original studio, etc., is an International Creative Park driven by innovation and technology. It plans to enter 280 cultural and creative enterprises and introduce 3000 entrepreneurial talents.
Wuhan science and Technology Secretary Li Jize at the meeting that promote enterprises rely on innovation is growing, the current Central Committee put forward the innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples, Hubei city of Wuhan province is also a positive response, especially in the management of actively promoting the process, hope red T can block the creative fashion to create a new model of innovation are the carrier.