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Jiang Haiqing, deputy chief editor of the Central People's broadcasting station, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. From the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of tourism, the tourism development of Shijiazhuang City Committee, the Yangtze River Business School Alumni Association of Hubei, China cattle business association Hubei branch, Hubei tobacco company, Ltd, Hubei Baiyunbian, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Henan Shuanghui investment development Limited by Share Ltd, Zhengzhou loveGod group, miss the food, Jiangxi Huiren Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd., Hubei humanwell other well-known enterprises and units on behalf of all aspects of the marketing and advertising company experts and representatives of more than 220 people attended the guests. The Central People's radio news program center, financial center, Hubei show news station, Guangdong reporter station, Jiangxi reporter station, CNR Media Development Corporation, China traffic radio and CNR video media Limited by Share Ltd and other units of the leaders and representatives to participate in the activities of the whole broadcast television CNR mobile phone.
Jiang Haiqing, deputy editor in chief, said in his speech that Chinese brand is a culture, a brilliant expression of national cohesion and creativity, representing the comprehensive national strength of a country and the spirit of a nation. Under the new normal state of economic development, it can be said that brand construction is the only way for Chinese enterprises to seize the commanding height of the global competition. However, the development of China brand can not be done overnight, but needs the country, enterprise and media to plow deep mining, manufacturing Chinese story, promote Chinese brand value for Chinese brand to the world and create a good atmosphere for public opinion is a heavy responsibility and historic mission to shoulder the responsibility of the Central People's broadcasting station. The future, CNR will take the action Chinese brand rally as a new starting point, continue to China brand to build a comprehensive communication platform, dialogue platform and service platform, gathering transmission power, create brilliant Chinese brand.
Wang Yuejin, the chairman and general manager of CNR media development company and general manager of CNG advertising branch, interpreted the value and core competitiveness of CNG as the national media platform. At present, a considerable part of the traditional media business in trouble, and the CNR advertising is bucked the trend, to maintain growth, which not only benefited from the growth in car ownership and the ecological environment of media fragmentation, but also due to the strength of national media platform CNR strong, its scientific and market new marketing mode is made the secret to maintain the vitality and competitiveness of the CNR's. CNR always adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation, full respect for the laws of the market and the media law, ferreting out real customer demands, with good service, realize the transformation of the service from the sale of resources to sales, and hope that by 2017 China brand series of aggregation opportunities for action, cohesion Chinese brand strength, create brilliant Chinese brand.