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I’d of China, I’d of the world

——I’d has realized the upgrading and transformation of traditional industry, the innovation of domestic and international competitive advantages, pulling and cultivating the agglomeration of the international competitive knitting fashion industry.


——I’d utilizes the development of advanced and applicable new technology as the starting point and the innovation of science and technology as well as the system innovation as its motivation realizing the transformation of the management mode, accelerating and increasing the strength of the innovation mode. 


——I’d develops competitive products, improves brand awareness, strengthens the research and development of the independent intellectual property products, and cultivates new economic growth points and growth poles constantly.


——I’d establishes modern industrial chains, industrial parks, enterprise groups; integrates resources and develops in a scientific manner; improves the level of resource intensive utilization, and plays a leading role in industrial , national and international development.


Enterprise development objective: form strong comprehensive competitiveness and sustainable development motivation of the enterprise; become the domestic and international first-class brand enterprise.



Regarding individuals and society as the orientation;

taking benevolence and responsibility as the essential

——Create a wealthy better life
Improving welfare and developing platform to meet the needs of wealthy and beautiful life for employees in the innovative mode.


——Meet the needs of the market continuously
Win the market with innovative products and services; meet the market’s demands 

with superior quality


——Make dedicated contribution to society

For the goodness as well as for the public, the enterprise makes a development in harmony with that of the society having courage to bear the social responsibility, and making contributions to the society.


We put our customers in the first place; set up the concept that "customers are our primary enablers and we should always make customer satisfaction"; we should also accept our customers’ severe criticism and scrutiny; accept opinions and suggestions from all sides with an open mind; improve our service to perfection constantly and ultimately be responsible for our customers.


We respect the personalities, wills, choices and rights of our staff and also respect talents. I’d creates a harmonious, passionate and progressive working environment for everyone, provide a good working environment, create a harmonious working situation; all the employees are equal in the development of their personalities and careers. Besides, we are committed to the development of professional, passionate and creative professional managers, and to the growth of our staff, which is our responsibility.


We cultivate virtue for goodness and build our cause for the public. And put both the value of the individuals and the value of I’d into the social value. We lay emphasis on national interests which is prior to both the interests of individual and the enterprise. The country and the society take precedence over the enterprise and the individuals. The enterprise, the society and the state develop in coordination. Responsively, I’d makes dedicated contribution to the society and the country.