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Bathed in the spring breeze of reform and opening up and modernization, the enterprise has opened the leap from business to industry, from industry to brand.
Today the loveGod, temper forward, struggling in the clothing industry itself out of a line with the new trend of international development and national economic structure adjustment for development; efforts to the fashion industry transformation, out of a modern service industry, high-tech industry and cultural creative industry in close connection with the new development of the road.
Internationalization -
We should expand the international market, integrate global resources in an international perspective, build a business team to grasp the trend of international fashion, optimize the international competitiveness of enterprises, and enhance the international output of independent brands.
We should create an international brand, shoulder the height of the international fashion industry, set up a fast response system supporting the international brand, enhance the international image of the company, and cross the forefront of the international fashion industry.
Fashion -
With the idea of creating comfort and beauty, we should enhance the core value of products, actively promote the application of new materials, technologies and technologies, and create the ecological chain of industrial development, so that the world can see the influence of international fashion.
With ”comfortable beauty“ infiltration of the world of fashion, fashion and creative design as the core, make the traditional culture and modern fashion fusion development, complement each other, improve loveGod brand culture, let Chinese look more attractive.
Intellectualized -
Facing 2025 and industry 4, we will integrate intelligent production, quality manufacturing and brand integration to develop the production and marketing supply chain, create intelligent chemical plant, and start the fission of ”manufacturing“ to ”quality manufacturing“ and ”intelligent manufacturing“.
Making smart products and promoting enterprises to be created from China to China, and smart manufacturing as an inevitable choice for enterprises to improve quality and efficiency, and make intelligence and fashion become the self destruction and reconstruction of Phoenix Nirvana of enterprises.
Agglomeration -
In the front-end of industrial development, enterprises have entered a new stage of development characterized by new technology, new industry, new format and new business model ”four new“. Focusing on the innovation of fashion industry and promoting industrial agglomeration.
Closely linked to the forefront of fashion culture and creative design in the industry, we should focus on the construction of traditional industry's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and strive to create an incubator system of ”entrepreneurship“, ”innovation“ ecosystem and ”industry“ acceleration system.
Vision: to be the Chinese loveGod loveGod, world lovegod!