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Red T fashion creative blocks (red T or REDT) is located in Hubei city of Wuhan province Jianghan Economic Development Zone, the project was formerly LoveGod Group Industrial Park, in response to the national ”public business innovation“ appeal, promote industrial transformation in Jianghan Economic Development Zone, Wuhan cultural and creative industries to create new poles. The original construction area of about 70 thousand square meters of regeneration of the old plant, a total investment of 320 million, to build a covering red T incubator, fashion show, fashion industry office, red T talent apartment, experiential commercial facilities, multi-purpose activity center and a variety of formats and services combined with the industrial cluster complex.
Red T is a fashion design as the core, covering all kinds of fashion industry theme park, in order to ”encourage and support the original original“ for the purpose, committed to explore, cultivate and promote the fashion industry cutting-edge design talents; dedicated to the integration of the core industrial chain; focus on the design and production design and manual, and the combination between design and according to the market, constantly develop and spread of fashion culture.
Red T for domestic and international top designers, design students start-up team, the designer for the service center, the designer launched the public record space, independent designer studio, T venture fund, red dream workshop, set designer stores, materials, technology and supply center, consulting service service center plate. From the ”study, research, production, exhibition, performance, marketing“ six levels, provide a full range of services. And the introduction of France Paris fashion workshop, international fashion education institute, clothing college and other famous fashion education institutions and other countries. Normalization of Wuhan international fashion week, model competition, red T original designer contest, designer personal fashion conference and other activities, to provide designers with professional education platform and display platform.
In the hardware, the semi open show double first floor of nearly 1800 square meters, more than 1500 square meters of multifunctional center, nearly more than 2000 square meters of outdoor central plaza space provides professional venues and wonderful display platform for enterprises and large events, to promote the project within the enterprise to undertake various kinds of Arts and culture exhibition, brand activities and other business activities, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the industry both inside and outside.
Red T fashion creative blocks to ”fair, open and inclusive“ attitude to meet the parties to join the elite, and strive to create a ”creative thinking“, ”innovation“, ”entrepreneurial courage“ and ”creativity“ and ”creative power“ high-end fashion park.